The Best Burger in Ipswich, Massachusetts

I usually avoid ordering hamburgers at restaurants because they are never cooked medium-rare, how I like them. I will ask for a warm red center and inevitably it will come out having not even a hint of pink. Usually, I end up with a medium-well burger, taking two bites of it and having the fries as a meal. So in the past I have saved my burger eating for family BBQ’s and camping trips.

I had heard that The Choate Bridge Pub has a great burger. I never doubted that both the quality and quantity of the meat was there, but assumed that like every other restaurant there would be a fear of serving hamburger less then completely brown. Working so close to the pub, I have frequented it for lunch, but could never get away from the delicious lobster roll. I found myself taking a chance one day and ordered the bacon cheeseburger. Not only was it cooked a perfect medium-rare it was incredibly tasty and juicy. I still can’t believe the best burger I have had is right around the corner.

A great burger is not the only item on The Choate Bridge Pub’s menu. The fried seafood is delicious and comes in gigantic portions at a very fair price. They also have tasty soups that change daily if you’re looking for something on the lighter side. In fact everything I have had at the pub is great, but the burger is a must try for anyone living in Ipswich or just passing through.

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