Customized Commercial Insurance Packages are Good for Business

SSM_AndrewBusiness insurance protects your bottom line.

A great idea. A lot of hard work. A business and a brand you’re proud of. Don’t let a workplace accident, natural disaster, lawsuit or disgruntled employee tear down what you’ve built. Smart businesses protect their employees, reputation and assets with strategic business insurance packages. That’s why large and small companies all over Massachusetts rely on Sullivan Insurance for their personalized commercial insurance.

We’re an independent company with deep roots in Massachusetts and years of experience. Our professional insurance agents take the time to get to know you and your business. We help you assess potential risks, forecast financial needs and support strong, strategic growth. Unlike other insurance agencies, we review dozens of insurance carriers and hundreds of products to find just the right fit for your business. After all, we’re not working for insurance companies. We’re working for your company.

Our business is to protect your business.

Sullivan Insurance agents know Massachusetts corporate law and regulations. And we know your personalized business insurance policy must include much more than mandated workers compensation. Your business insurance package needs to protect you against natural disaster, fire and theft, and litigation. We find specialized ways to save you money today without risking your money in the future. And should you ever need to file a claim, we’re at your side making sure you get a fast, fair and hassle-free settlement.

Large and small businesses trust Sullivan Insurance to find affordable, comprehensive company insurance for:

Sullivan Insurance helps businesses grow with confidence, get through tough times, enjoy the benefits of innovation and hard work, and last for generations. Call 978.356.5511 to see the difference an independent assessment of your commercial insurance can make.