A Good Commercial Auto Policy Drives Good Business

Don’t risk running your business off the road.

cleanteamWhether you are a freelancer traveling between meetings in your car or own a taxi company or snow removal service, a commercial auto policy is as essential to protecting you and your business as your seat belt and air bags. Without the protection of a commercial auto policy, you risk your business’s future each time you get on the road. Even if your employees use their own vehicles, your business still has a liability exposure that only a customized commercial auto policy can address.

Bring Sullivan Insurance along for the ride.

Whether your company needs to purchase a commercial auto insurance policy is dependent on the type of driving you or your employees do. Our experienced agents take the time to get to know you and your business. We research how your employees use their vehicles, which employees drive company cars, and determine if any employees use their own cars for company work and travel. As an independent agency, we review dozens of commercial auto insurance carriers and products, not just a select few. And we find the perfect combination of price and coverage to protect you behind the wheel.

Sullivan Insurance knows creating your custom commercial auto policy is just part of the journey. If we discover a way to cut your costs without compromising your coverage, we’ll tell you about it. And should you ever need to file a claim, we will be there to help you get a fast, fair and hassle-free settlement.

The more you let us do, the more we can help you save.

Combining commercial auto insurance with other business insurance policies can save you money and strengthen your protection. Tell your Sullivan Insurance agent about the other business insurance policies you own to see if we can customize an insurance package with additional cost savings.

Because Sullivan Insurance personalizes your commercial auto policy to your business, we offer the best protection for your business. Pullover and give Sullivan Insurance a call at 978.356.5511 to learn more about your commercial auto insurance options.