What’s the Cost of Uber Drivers?

Rtaxicabidesharing or “taxi-esque” ways of transportation like Uber, Lyft, and SideCar have become increasingly popular. Although there are several variations, Uber seems to be the most popular ridesharing service. If you are not familiar, it is an app that can be downloaded on a smart phone and used to request transportation from Uber drivers. The Uber app uses the GPS on your phone to find your current location and finds you the nearest available Uber driver. Once a driver has been selected, you are able to track their location to know exactly how far away they are and/or receive a text message when they arrive at your location.

Being able to track the driver is not the only benefit of Uber. Users can also provide a quote if you enter the pickup and drop off location so you know how much the service is going to cost you before you commit. Uber automatically charges your credit card upon arrive at your destination and does give you the option to split costs if you are with a friend. In this case both credit cards would be charged equal amounts.

The downside of using apps like Uber is that not all the drivers are licensed taxi drivers or commercially insured livery service. The only prerequisites for being an Uber driver is you have to be at least 23 years of age, have a valid driver’s license, and personal auto insurance. The problem is most personal auto policies in Massachusetts do not cover livery services. So if you were in an accident with an Uber driver there is a good chance that their Massachusetts auto policy will not pay for damage or injuries incurred in the accident. While Uber does provide $1 million in liability coverage’s in excess to the driver’s insurance, it is undetermined how long it could take to be repaid for damages. It’s for this reason we highly recommend ensuring it is a taxi you are requesting, and not an unlicensed or underinsured driver when using services like Uber.

When requesting transportation Uber allows you to choose from an UberX, an UberXL, Taxi, Black Car, or SUV. It is our recommendation that you choice taxi when using the Uber service. There are also other apps that you can used to request Taxis. Apps like Hailo, Gett, and Curb all allow users to request a taxi or black car service, track how far it is while on route, and pay by credit card through the app. The downside to these apps is that if you are not in a city there probably isn’t a taxi near you and even if there is they may not be using the same app you are. Some taxis actually don’t use any of these apps.

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